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About Us

The (E) Stands for ERA.

At Brown(e) S., we believe in creating without boundaries. Everyone should feel free to express their art in any way they please. Our goal is to help push a new era of expressionism, where any and all art can be admired and respected for the simple reason of existing.

Whether you're looking for an entirely new artistic approach or an new-twist on an existing look, Brown(e) S. provides a brand with artistic uniqueness like no other.

Abstract Paint

Our Story

 As a married couple and duo of innovative artistry, we specialize in music and videography.

'Brown(E) S.' started as a West Harlem music & video production, and clothing brand in 2020 under the name 'BeanBu'. For 3 years our creative skills grew for and we advanced into additional artistic ventures.

Once we were married, we decided the company was heading in a new direction and changed our brand to 'Brown(E) S.' - Brown for our joint last name, (E) for era, and S. for Seohyun. 

Meet The Team

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