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6 Essential Shoes Every Stylish Man Needs: a quick Look

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Every Man Needs these 6 types of shoes and here's why:

1.) The Simple Dress Shoe: The dress shoes sleek and simplistic look allows it to flow effortlessly with any look in the business-fancy range without standing out and taking away from the attire. If you are in the business-fancy range for attire, your main focus should be on the suit or tux you are wearing and the accessories with it, I.e a watch, cuff links, a tie or bow tie, pock square, and tie clip.

2.) The Chelsea Boot: The chelsea boot is my all time favorite shoe/boot. It compliments the dress range of streetwear all the way to fancy while being able to do different things to each range. It's sleek enough to style with dress pants but bold enough to compliment a good pair of jeans like any boot should. It's also a slip on boot that is only a mid top so its great for a quick dress and go!

3.) The Flat Skate Shoe/Vans: Vans are an old fan favorite but they still haven't lost their charm! They are perfect for the a streetwear style and for a vacation comfortable style. the best part about these shoes is their price range! Typically they never cost more than $40-$55 US dollars.

4.) The High Top Sneaker: High-Tops are the OG's pf streetwear and streetstyle. If you're rocking jeans, sweats, or Joggers with mid-high socks this is your shoe of choice. This shoe is great because it works well with baggy or skinny and its large frame can provide enough attention to really pull together an outfit. Comfort level is second best on this list!

5.) The Running Shoe: Adidas NMDs. That it. Thats the description. They are the best level of comfort in a shoe, its stylish level allows them to even be paired with a business casual outfit and typically the price isn't high compared to other high quality running shoes. Adidas also normally has sales on older versions of these shoes often.

6.) The Dress Boot/Timberland: This particular shoe is normally for weather based style. When its snowing, raining, or you're going some where with a lot of dirt and rocks this is the shoe for you! Generally these shoes provide an extra few inches of height, ankle support, and a high level of comfort.

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